Founding History

SMS Global Logistics was established in August 2017 by a group of committed & senior executives in the international forwarding & logistics business. In response to the emerging demands for the trades between Europe and Asia and the complexity of global supply-chain, the Taiwanese-born founders of SMS Global Logistics set out to specialize as a hub between the two continents, and to position the SMS Brand as “Your Best Supply-Chain Management Specialist to connect Europe and Asia”.

To ensure independence and be able to offer the best flexible services in the European market, SMS Global Logistics has specifically located her headquarter and main operations in the Netherlands. All negotiations and decisions are taken within the brand-new office and 24,000m2 modern secured warehouse located in the Schiphol Logistics Park.

In August 2019, after successful 2-year start-up period of SMS Global Logistics, we opened our first international office at Liege airport in Belgium, which is the most rapidly growing cargo airport at the heart of Europe with dedicated logistics committees in pharmaceuticals, perishables and eCommerce. 

SMS is one of the top & few companies who has excellent operation capability at both Amsterdam and Liege gateways with the largest freight capacity from/to Asia & China.  Our vision is to be a well-known Asian brand to lead global logistics and transportation services in Europe.

To further differentiate as a logistics service provider operating within this competitive trade lane, the management and service team of SMS Global Logistics are collectively able to speak many different Asian & European languages with in-depth understandings of both business cultures. This communication and cultural advantage not only benefits the logistics operational process with the overseas partners and suppliers, but it also facilitates personal and strong relationships with many Asian airlines and ocean carriers. In return, this relationship translates to a very competitive buying power and simplifying process toward our customers.

Every day, we as SMS Global Logistics experience this company strategy yield its fruits and accelerates our company growth towards becoming “Your Best Supply-Chain Management Specialist to connect Europe and Asia”.

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